Just wanted to let you know that your pies
(I had the veggie mushroom and spinach) are truly EXCELLENT. I’m planning to stock up and share with family over the holidays. Well, some family. If they behave the way they should.
— Marianne
You have done an excellent job of making an Aussie pie. My husband is an Aussie. On our yearly visits we always make a pilgrimage to Humble Pie near Murwillambah in NSW. Good to know we can get great meat pies here in TX. Good serving size, excellent crust. Thanks
— Gayane
Thank you for bringing a taste of Australia to America! I just tried your pies for the first time since moving here & it was like being home. The awesome pastry with some good old tomato sauce (ketchup) gave me flashbacks all the way to eating lunch in the school playground and on Sydney’s glorious beaches. I’ll be stocking up the next time I’m at Whole Foods! Thank you, thank you!
— Anyo
My wife (American) brought me one home, and I must admit my expectation level was not great, until I ate one. Wow, I’m in love. I have lived in the U.S. for a little over 30 years (Australian) and this was an absolute joy... My message to Americans is that you will never know what a good meat pie tastes like unless you either go to Australia, or you try one of these. Even Marie Callender’s pies cannot approach the taste. I wish you every success, I will be a loyal customer.
— Paul
When I saw the Mac and Cheese pies in the freezer at HEB, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Thank you so much, whoever thought of this magical creation.
I always have at least two flavors in my freezer. They taste so much better than most frozen entrees out there. I really can’t say enough good things about Boomerang’s. Keep up the good work!
— Lauren
My local Publix grocery store carries your Chicken and Mushroom and Spinach and Mushroom pies. I love the Chicken and Mushroom, lots of filling and a lovely flaky crust. I will look for the other flavors at the closest Whole Foods as well as asking Publix if they can special order certain flavors. Thanks for an amazing product.
— Jacqueline

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