G’day Y’all!


Inspired by the ubiquitous and legendary handheld meat pies of Australia. We’re a group of real people in Texas who believe in providing a real food option in the frozen food aisle. At Boomerang's, we’re committed to providing you with a unique, convenient, meal option made with proper ingredients. That means we only use all-natural steak, white meat chicken raised without antibiotics, and pork without nitrates or nitrites -- and we don’t add artificial flavors or preservatives.

Boomerang’s was born when Jack Fennell tasted his first handheld Aussie pie on Manly Beach while living in Sydney.

You see, the savory meat pie is an Australian icon, enjoyed for its great taste and handheld convenience.

Once back in Austin, Jack worked with local chefs at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts to create wholesome Aussie-inspired pies with an American twist.  Jack opened Boomerang’s store front in Austin, TX on Australia Day (January 26), 2006--and it quickly became a local favorite.


Lance McInnes discovered the Aussie pie while visiting family in Australia, and recognizing they shared the same vision, partnered with Jack back in Austin.

Boomerang’s continued to expand locally, to be found at the storefront at UT Austin Stadium, feeding festival goers at the Austin City Limits, and delivering pies to businesses and sporting clubs around Austin in our beloved food truck, “Sheila.”


With the success of the storefronts, Jack and Lance knew it was time to pursue their dream of sharing the Aussie pie with the rest of the U.S., and focused on national grocery distribution. Initially working directly with Whole Foods in downtown Austin, they launched Boomerang’s in the frozen aisle. Boomerang’s focused on sourcing quality and all natural ingredients, creating a tasty, healthy and unique product that would capture attention and taste buds. Today, you can find Boomerang’s nationwide in Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, Randall’s, Publix, HEB and many other fine retailers.

What started as an idea on a beach in Sydney, and grew to a restaurant, has expanded to thousands of homes across the country. We hope you will enjoy this little taste of Australia with an American twist as much as we do.