For best results, heat Boomerang’s according to package directions. Pop the whole box in the microwave (hint, we designed the box to cook the crust nice and crisp!) or you can heat in the oven.

Step One:

Pull that beauty out of your cooker and let her cool off so you can get your hand around it.

Step Two:

For a traditional meat pie, pour a generous amount of tomato sauce (aka ketchup) around the top, to taste, and in the fashion that best suits you. Some prefer to cover the natural circle on top. Some make cool designs. Some inject the pie with sauce.  (Our veggie and chicken flavors also suit a variety of toppings, sauces and accompaniments — go ahead, get creative!)

Step Three:

This is important -- eat it with your hands. Put the utensils away. Think about it like a burger or a hotdog.

Step Four:

Wash’er down with something cold.

Step Five:

Have another!


 Whatever way you eat your pie is the right way, but you reserve the right to tell others their way is wrong.


 The Authentic Boomerang Pie Floater


Before you eat your pie, and we know it’s tempting not to wait, pour on a pie floater. Dating back to 1800s Adelaide, pie floaters are a delicious bonus for an already delicious pie.

Types of floaters:

☐ Mash

☐ Gravy and Mash

☐ Pea soup

☑ All of the above



Each Boomerang is topped with a puff pastry to give you that perfect, mouthwatering, flaky bite.

1. Truth is – there’s no wrong way to eat a Boomerang’s meat pie!

2. Try your favorite sauce, gravy or topping. Get crazy, mate.

3. Show us your inventions on social media using #boomerangspies.

Boomerangs aren’t your typical pie. Then again, we know you’re not a typical person.

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Amazing! Gives me flash backs of home! Couldn’t ask for a better pie!

- Amanda L., Australian expat in Florida

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