It's an American twist on the classic Australian meat pie. Heat your Boomerang right inside the convenient microwavable box for a healthy and delicious meal in minutes! Find your flavor below.



Traditional Beef Aussie

A tip of the hat to our Aussie inspired roots, this Traditional Beef meat pie is a classic down under. All-natural* beef, onions and gravy in our signature flaky puff pastry — an award winning recipe perfected by our Aussie Master Baker! Make it a legitimate Aussie pie experience by topping it with tomato sauce (aka ketchup), grab it with your hands, and take a bite. 


Chicken Shepherd’s

A light and easy comfort food? Yes, you can have it all. Our gluten-free Chicken Shepherd’s Pie features all-natural* white meat chicken, with fresh peas, corn and carrots in creamy gravy – all topped with a heavenly whipped mash. Ready in minutes, you can dig into this light take on a comfort meal for lunch, dinner, or anytime in between!

*This one is OK to eat with a fork, in fact, we really recommend it.


Beef Shepherd’s

Some days you want a comfort classic. Our gluten-free Beef Shepherd’s Pie is for those days. All-natural* beef with fresh peas, corn and carrots in a beef gravy – smothered with whipped mash. You’ll want to hug your plate and kiss the cook – you’ll have to queue up though, he’s pretty popular these days.

*This one is OK to eat with a fork, in fact, we really recommend it.




Spinach & Mushroom

Satisfy your taste buds with our scrumptious Spinach and Mushroom; a creamy blend of fresh spinach, quality mushrooms, red peppers, and Monterey Jack cheese. It leaves you wondering why you hadn’t had one sooner. A fast, easy lunch or dinner for anyone under your roof. 

CAN_Veggie_LEFT_NA copy.png

Veggie Pie

A veggie lover’s dream with fresh broccoli, squash, carrots and peas in a cream sauce, all in our signature flaky puff pastry. It’s frozen (until you cook it), healthy, fast, easy, microwavable, lunch, dinner, any meal really, snack -- it will be your favorite way to eat your veggies!



CAN_ChknClassic_LEFT_NA 800.png

Chicken Classic

Classic, it’s in the name. And what a beaut she is; with all-natural* white meat chicken, fresh peas, carrots and a creamy gravy, the mouthwatering flavors you know and love – all packed into our signature flaky puff pastry. A fast, high-protein, wholesome lunch or dinner.

Like a warm, comforting hug, in a pie. (We won’t judge if you hug your Boomerang, sometimes we do too.) 

CAN_ChcknMush_LEFT_NA 800.png

Chicken & Mushroom

With all-natural* white chicken, mushrooms, green onions, and a creamy sauce in our signature flaky puff pastry. Serving suggestion: eat it with your hands and call it “Chook & Mushie” like an Aussie.

Is this a fast, easy lunch? Check. Is the whole box microwavable? Check. Is it high in protein? Check. What’s with all the questions, mate? Just grab it and eat it.

CAN_stkPotato_LEFT_NA 800.png

Steak & Potato

We proudly present… a classic meat and potatoes dish. 

Savory all-natural* steak, plump potatoes, and rich gravy – all perfectly wrapped in our signature flaky puff pastry hand warmer. A high-protein pie for people on-the-go.

Load the top with tomato sauce (ketchup) and enjoy.



CAN_Southwest_chkn_LEFT_NA 800.png

Southwest Chicken

Marrying the Aussie inspiration with our spicy Southern roots, comes a bit of a twist on a standard chicken pie. Packed with all-natural* white chicken, black beans, fresh corn, cheddar cheese, and adobo sauce in our signature flaky puff pastry, it’s a fierce flavor lineup. Top it with a scoop of guacamole or avocado slices for a little something extra. (No one will ever believe this is a nutritious frozen, microwavable meal, mate!)

CAN_MacCheese_LEFT_NA copy.png

Mac & Cheese

Who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese? We’ve taken our signature flaky puff pastry and stuffed it with elbow macaroni and a smooth and tasty real cheese blend. This Aussie pie with an American twist is for little kids and big kids alike. Try it as a tasty lunch or dinner with a dash of your favorite sauce.

CAN_Pepperoni_LEFT_NA 800.png


Our take on an American mainstay, but this is no ordinary pizza pie. It’s our signature flaky puff pastry filled with all-natural* pepperoni, along with fresh mozzarella and traditional pizza sauce. It’s good on the go or heat up a gaggle of ‘em for your next party.

Here’s a spot of advice: keep a pile handy for a fast, easy meal when the little ‘roos get “hangry”!

*minimally processed, no
artificial ingredients


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